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For many years the experience of being in the logistics sector, "a young and dynamic" with the staff combines Lobitek is always working to be your best partner and the continuous improvement.

Lobitek, with a unique level of quality of service and commitment to leading and innovative software solutions for the logistics industry. Thread the long-term solution to the ongoing partners, software quality and reliability of our products reinforces. Logistics software, which is a prerequisite for the success of our software, "the integrity and professionalism," with software that meets customer needs, on time, at minimal cost as an investment for maximum return, for his work in a short time a number of Companies in Turkey, Logistics and Transportation Strategic Business Partner Lobitek rightly praised the ongoing work and effort to providing the best service to its customers. Breakthrough value offered by many commercial software package, logistics and management systems, specialized staff Lobitek experience, combined with ever-evolving information technology opportunities over a short period of time standards have formed a Logistics Management System and Warehouse Management System.

Lobitek Software and IT Logistics and Transport Sectors in line with developments and changes in customer requirements are constantly being developed, and the possibilities of this innovation is a regular and planned manner Lobitek offered to its customers.

FSM-X Route Planing and Truck Loading System


Planned and make optimized delivery orders with the appropriate types of load performed in an office environment, prepare three-dimensional simulation a PC application.

Users, such as they deem necessary incurred resulting set point the system will automatically intervene in case planning can continue planning.