Depo-X Warehouse Management System

System, all pallets which are accepted with pallet, pallet barcode or BTK(Barcoded indetification car) and labeled. Without pallets directly to the addresses of storage products to put on the cast and production information on a product that contains the labels and provision.
Depot purchase, transfer orders through the channel entrance are covered by the inputs or returns from customers. By reading the existing bar code label from the products come from production to storage facilities, the purchase will be made through the input comes from creating a new label. Every kind of in a repository entry, exit, transport, transfer, who is to count operations, where, when, in the form of stock movements as well as follow-up was created.


FSM-X Route Planing and Truck Loading System

Planned and make optimized delivery orders with the appropriate types of load performed in an office environment, prepare three-dimensional simulation a PC application.

Users, such as they deem necessary incurred resulting set point the system will automatically intervene in case planning can continue planning.
Original product palettes, or a combination of specific products by creating templates for the installation of the system capabilities can be developed.
Approved plans to track the vehicle or container, this time scheduled for the second time and the user with the approval of the final load plans, loading lists are created by the system registry.


Loji-X Logistics Management System

Loji-X Transportation Cost and operational processes are followed, taking into account the structure and functioning of all the details of application is registered. Actual receipt of the request at Loji-X logistics processes systematically, until the actual delivery of the entire cycle of analysis and interpretation of reality is possible. All the possibilities of this cycle is near, and the most flexible solutions in Loji-X has succeeded in offering a solution-oriented.

According to several working models in the logistics cycle, with a flexible parametric structure aims to meet the need. Customer-focused software company dependent on meeting the needs of companies operating the operation is eliminated.