'Depo-X' Warehouse Management System

Depo-X Warehouse Management System

Depo-X Scope

Depo-X Warehouse consists of the following main processes.
Depot Enter/Admission
Placement Process
Storage Operations
Delivery Operations
Counting Procedures
Reporting Procedures

Depo-X Warehouse Management System follow the hierarchy of the product are listed below.

Depot Enter/Admission

All pallets with pallet into the system, pallet bar code or the BTK (barcoded identification card) and labeled. Without pallets directly to the addresses of storage products to put on the cast and production information on a product that contains the labels and provision.
Depot purchase, transfer orders through the channel entrance are covered by the inputs or returns from customers. By reading the existing bar code label from the products come from production to storage facilities, the purchase will be made through the input comes from creating a new label. Every kind of in a repository entry, exit, transport, transfer, who is to count operations, where, when, in the form of stock movements as well as follow-up was created.
Thus, the process inside the warehouse operations, law enforcement personnel and processing time, which is followed by split-second detail.

Placement Process

Carried out on the pallets from the warehouse after the tagging process. Put on pallets and placed in storage that is defined in the address bar code addresses will be studied with Handheld Computers. This provides a snapshot of the monitored physical address of each pallet.
Warehouse where the products can be changed in the editing done. In this case, the operator takes place will change the palette of the product or the product code / address of the palette, and teaches taken. Instead of a new product puts the new address, this time speaks. The new location of the pallet so that the product or system will be updated on.

Storage Operations

Warehouse Management System repository of existing products to address in
On the track addresses,
Pallet Shelves addresses,
On the cast product addresses,
Racked palets product addresses
Parametric feature-storage areas,
Operations and Value-Added Operations addresses
Log in and delivery addresses can be created.

Addressing and storage in a repository for the Depot, on the basis of the address field and the parameters used.

Delivery Operations

The purpose of selling products in the store can be shipped in accordance with the dispatch of work orders. Delivery of work orders prepared by the server system Depo-X The client and the Handheld Terminal systems are transferred, and waits for delivery. Depo-X It is possible to display orders shipped on the waiting.

Lists of orders and collection orders are prepared in accordance with the host system forklift on the basis of these lists are created and sent to the collection orders.